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safe-length5.4 Accessing Elements of Lists
same-window-buffer-names28.8 Choosing a Window for Display
same-window-regexps28.8 Choosing a Window for Display
save-abbrevs36.4 Saving Abbrevs in Files
save-buffer25.2 Saving Buffers
save-buffer-coding-system33.10.2 Encoding and I/O
save-current-buffer27.2 The Current Buffer
save-excursion30.3 Excursions
save-match-data34.6.4 Saving and Restoring the Match Data
save-restriction30.4 Narrowing
save-selected-window28.4 Selecting Windows
save-some-buffers25.2 Saving Buffers
save-window-excursion28.17 Window Configurations
saving text properties32.19.7 Saving Text Properties in Files
saving window information28.17 Window Configurations
scalable-fonts-allowed38.11.6 Font Selection
scan-lists35.6 Parsing Balanced Expressions
scan-sexps35.6 Parsing Balanced Expressions
scope11.9 Scoping Rules for Variable Bindings
screen layout2.4.5 Window Configuration Type
screen layout2.4.6 Frame Configuration Type
screen of terminal28.1 Basic Concepts of Emacs Windows
screen size29.3.4 Frame Size And Position
screen-height29.3.4 Frame Size And Position
screen-width29.3.4 Frame Size And Position
scroll-bar (face name)38.11.1 Standard Faces
scroll-bar-event-ratio21.6.13 Accessing Events
scroll-bar-scale21.6.13 Accessing Events
scroll-conservatively28.11 Textual Scrolling
scroll-down28.11 Textual Scrolling
scroll-down-aggressively28.11 Textual Scrolling
scroll-left28.13 Horizontal Scrolling
scroll-margin28.11 Textual Scrolling
scroll-other-window28.11 Textual Scrolling
scroll-preserve-screen-position28.11 Textual Scrolling
scroll-right28.13 Horizontal Scrolling
scroll-step28.11 Textual Scrolling
scroll-up28.11 Textual Scrolling
scroll-up-aggressively28.11 Textual Scrolling
scrolling textually28.11 Textual Scrolling
search-backward34.1 Searching for Strings
search-failed34.1 Searching for Strings
search-forward34.1 Searching for Strings
searching34. Searching and Matching
searching and case34.7 Searching and Case
searching for regexp34.3 Regular Expression Searching
secondary-selection (face name)38.11.1 Standard Faces
select-frame29.9 Input Focus
select-safe-coding-system33.10.4 User-Chosen Coding Systems
select-safe-coding-system-accept-default-p33.10.4 User-Chosen Coding Systems
select-window28.4 Selecting Windows
selected frame29.9 Input Focus
selected window28.1 Basic Concepts of Emacs Windows
selected-frame29.9 Input Focus
selected-window28.4 Selecting Windows
selecting a buffer27.2 The Current Buffer
selecting windows28.4 Selecting Windows
selection (for window systems)29.18 Window System Selections
selection-coding-system29.18 Window System Selections
selective display38.6 Selective Display
selective-display38.6 Selective Display
selective-display-ellipses38.6 Selective Display
self-evaluating form9.2.1 Self-Evaluating Forms
self-insert-and-exit20.9 Minibuffer Miscellany
self-insert-command32.5 User-Level Insertion Commands
self-insert-command override22.9 Changing Key Bindings
self-insert-command, minor modes23.2.2 Keymaps and Minor Modes
self-insertion32.5 User-Level Insertion Commands
send-string-to-terminal40.9 Terminal Output
sending signals37.8 Sending Signals to Processes
sentence-end34.8 Standard Regular Expressions Used in Editing
sentence-end-double-space32.11 Filling
sentinel37.10 Sentinels: Detecting Process Status Changes
sequence6. Sequences, Arrays, and Vectors
sequence length6.1 Sequences
sequencep6.1 Sequences
set11.8 How to Alter a Variable Value
set-auto-mode23.1.3 How Emacs Chooses a Major Mode
set-buffer27.2 The Current Buffer
set-buffer-auto-saved26.2 Auto-Saving
set-buffer-major-mode23.1.3 How Emacs Chooses a Major Mode
set-buffer-modified-p27.5 Buffer Modification
set-buffer-multibyte33.3 Selecting a Representation
set-case-syntax4.9 The Case Table
set-case-syntax-delims4.9 The Case Table
set-case-syntax-pair4.9 The Case Table
set-case-table4.9 The Case Table
set-category-table35.9 Categories
set-char-table-default6.6 Char-Tables
set-char-table-extra-slot6.6 Char-Tables
set-char-table-parent6.6 Char-Tables
set-char-table-range6.6 Char-Tables
set-default11.10.3 The Default Value of a Buffer-Local Variable
set-default-file-modes25.7 Changing File Names and Attributes
set-display-table-slot38.17.1 Display Table Format
set-face-attribute38.11.4 Face Attribute Functions
set-face-background38.11.4 Face Attribute Functions
set-face-bold-p38.11.4 Face Attribute Functions
set-face-font38.11.4 Face Attribute Functions
set-face-foreground38.11.4 Face Attribute Functions
set-face-italic-p38.11.4 Face Attribute Functions
set-face-stipple38.11.4 Face Attribute Functions
set-face-underline-p38.11.4 Face Attribute Functions
set-file-modes25.7 Changing File Names and Attributes
set-frame-configuration29.12 Frame Configurations
set-frame-height29.3.4 Frame Size And Position
set-frame-position29.3.4 Frame Size And Position
set-frame-size29.3.4 Frame Size And Position
set-frame-width29.3.4 Frame Size And Position
set-input-method33.11 Input Methods
set-input-mode40.8.1 Input Modes
set-keyboard-coding-system33.10.8 Terminal I/O Encoding
set-keymap-parent22.4 Inheritance and Keymaps
set-left-margin32.12 Margins for Filling
set-mark31.7 The Mark
set-marker31.6 Moving Marker Positions
set-marker-insertion-type31.5 Marker Insertion Types
set-match-data34.6.3 Accessing the Entire Match Data
set-mouse-pixel-position29.14 Mouse Position
set-mouse-position29.14 Mouse Position
set-process-buffer37.9.1 Process Buffers
set-process-coding-system37.6 Process Information
set-process-filter37.9.2 Process Filter Functions
set-process-sentinel37.10 Sentinels: Detecting Process Status Changes
set-register32.21 Registers
set-right-margin32.12 Margins for Filling
set-screen-height29.3.4 Frame Size And Position
set-screen-width29.3.4 Frame Size And Position
set-standard-case-table4.9 The Case Table
set-syntax-table35.3 Syntax Table Functions
set-terminal-coding-system33.10.8 Terminal I/O Encoding
set-text-properties32.19.2 Changing Text Properties
set-visited-file-modtime27.6 Comparison of Modification Time
set-visited-file-name27.4 Buffer File Name
set-window-buffer28.6 Buffers and Windows
set-window-configuration28.17 Window Configurations
set-window-dedicated-p28.8 Choosing a Window for Display
set-window-display-table38.17.2 Active Display Table
set-window-hscroll28.13 Horizontal Scrolling
set-window-margins38.12.3 Displaying in the Margins
set-window-point28.9 Windows and Point
set-window-redisplay-end-trigger28.18 Hooks for Window Scrolling and Changes
set-window-start28.10 The Window Start Position
set-window-vscroll28.12 Vertical Fractional Scrolling
setcar5.6.1 Altering List Elements with setcar
setcdr5.6.2 Altering the CDR of a List
setenv40.3 Operating System Environment
setplist8.4.2 Property List Functions for Symbols
setprv40.3 Operating System Environment
setq11.8 How to Alter a Variable Value
setq-default11.10.3 The Default Value of a Buffer-Local Variable
sets5.7 Using Lists as Sets
setting modes of files25.7 Changing File Names and Attributes
setting-constant11.2 Variables that Never Change
sexp diary entries39.9 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
sexp motion30.2.6 Moving over Balanced Expressions
shadowing of variables11.3 Local Variables
shallow binding11.9.3 Implementation of Dynamic Scoping
shared structure, read syntax2.5 Read Syntax for Circular Objects
Shell mode mode-line-format23.3.1 The Data Structure of the Mode Line
shell-command-history20.4 Minibuffer History
shell-command-to-string37.3 Creating a Synchronous Process
shell-quote-argument37.2 Shell Arguments
show-help-function32.19.4 Properties with Special Meanings
show-trailing-whitespace38.11.1 Standard Faces
shrink-window28.15 Changing the Size of a Window
shrink-window-horizontally28.15 Changing the Size of a Window
shrink-window-if-larger-than-buffer28.15 Changing the Size of a Window
side effect9.1 Introduction to Evaluation
signal10.5.3.1 How to Signal an Error
signal-process37.8 Sending Signals to Processes
signaling errors10.5.3.1 How to Signal an Error
signals37.8 Sending Signals to Processes
simple-diary-display39.8 Fancy Diary Display
sin3.9 Standard Mathematical Functions
single-key-description24.4 Describing Characters for Help Messages
sit-for21.9 Waiting for Elapsed Time or Input
`site-init.el'E.1 Building Emacs
`site-load.el'E.1 Building Emacs
site-run-file40.1.2 The Init File, `.emacs'
`site-start.el'40.1.1 Summary: Sequence of Actions at Startup
size of frame29.3.4 Frame Size And Position
size of window28.14 The Size of a Window
skip-chars-backward30.2.7 Skipping Characters
skip-chars-forward30.2.7 Skipping Characters
skip-syntax-backward35.5 Motion and Syntax
skip-syntax-forward35.5 Motion and Syntax
skipping characters30.2.7 Skipping Characters
skipping comments35.6 Parsing Balanced Expressions
sleep-for21.9 Waiting for Elapsed Time or Input
small-temporary-file-directory25.8.5 Generating Unique File Names
Snarf-documentation24.2 Access to Documentation Strings
sort5.6.3 Functions that Rearrange Lists
sort-columns32.15 Sorting Text
sort-diary-entries39.8 Fancy Diary Display
sort-fields32.15 Sorting Text
sort-fold-case32.15 Sorting Text
sort-lines32.15 Sorting Text
sort-numeric-fields32.15 Sorting Text
sort-pages32.15 Sorting Text
sort-paragraphs32.15 Sorting Text
sort-regexp-fields32.15 Sorting Text
sort-subr32.15 Sorting Text
sorting diary entries39.8 Fancy Diary Display
sorting lists5.6.3 Functions that Rearrange Lists
sorting text32.15 Sorting Text
sound40.10 Sound Output
source breakpoints18.2.6.2 Source Breakpoints
spaces, specified height or width38.12.1 Specified Spaces
sparse keymap22.2 Format of Keymaps
SPC in minibuffer20.2 Reading Text Strings with the Minibuffer
special23.1.1 Major Mode Conventions
special events21.8 Special Events
special form descriptions1.3.7.1 A Sample Function Description
special form evaluation9.2.7 Special Forms
special forms2.3.15 Primitive Function Type
special forms (Edebug)18.2.2 Instrumenting for Edebug
special forms for control structures10. Control Structures
special-display-buffer-names28.8 Choosing a Window for Display
special-display-frame-alist28.8 Choosing a Window for Display
special-display-function28.8 Choosing a Window for Display
special-display-popup-frame28.8 Choosing a Window for Display
special-display-regexps28.8 Choosing a Window for Display
special-event-map22.6 Active Keymaps
specified spaces38.12.1 Specified Spaces
speedupsD.2 Tips for Making Compiled Code Fast
splicing (with backquote)13.5 Backquote
split-char33.7 Splitting Characters
split-height-threshold28.8 Choosing a Window for Display
split-line32.5 User-Level Insertion Commands
split-string4.3 Creating Strings
split-window28.2 Splitting Windows
split-window-horizontally28.2 Splitting Windows
split-window-vertically28.2 Splitting Windows
splitting windows28.2 Splitting Windows
sqrt3.9 Standard Mathematical Functions
stable sort5.6.3 Functions that Rearrange Lists
standard regexps used in editing34.8 Standard Regular Expressions Used in Editing
standard-case-table4.9 The Case Table
standard-category-table35.9 Categories
standard-display-table38.17.2 Active Display Table
standard-input19.3 Input Functions
standard-output19.6 Variables Affecting Output
standard-syntax-table35.7 Some Standard Syntax Tables
standard-translation-table-for-decode33.9 Translation of Characters
standard-translation-table-for-encode33.9 Translation of Characters
standards of coding styleD. Tips and Conventions
start-process37.4 Creating an Asynchronous Process
start-process-shell-command37.4 Creating an Asynchronous Process
startup of Emacs40.1.1 Summary: Sequence of Actions at Startup
`startup.el'40.1.1 Summary: Sequence of Actions at Startup
sticky text properties32.19.6 Stickiness of Text Properties
stop points18.2.1 Using Edebug
stop-process37.8 Sending Signals to Processes
stopping an infinite loop18.1.2 Debugging Infinite Loops
stopping on events18.2.6.1 Global Break Condition
store-match-data34.6.3 Accessing the Entire Match Data
store-substring4.4 Modifying Strings
stream (for printing)19.4 Output Streams
stream (for reading)19.2 Input Streams
string4.3 Creating Strings
string equality4.5 Comparison of Characters and Strings
string in keymap22.7 Key Lookup
string input stream19.2 Input Streams
string length6.1 Sequences
string quote35.2.1 Table of Syntax Classes
string search34.1 Searching for Strings
string to character4.6 Conversion of Characters and Strings
string to number4.6 Conversion of Characters and Strings
string to object19.3 Input Functions
string, writing a doc string24.1 Documentation Basics
string-as-multibyte33.3 Selecting a Representation
string-as-unibyte33.3 Selecting a Representation
string-chars-consedE.4 Memory Usage
string-equal4.5 Comparison of Characters and Strings
string-lessp4.5 Comparison of Characters and Strings
string-make-multibyte33.2 Converting Text Representations
string-make-unibyte33.2 Converting Text Representations
string-match34.3 Regular Expression Searching
string-to-char4.6 Conversion of Characters and Strings
string-to-int4.6 Conversion of Characters and Strings
string-to-number4.6 Conversion of Characters and Strings
string-to-syntax35.8 Syntax Table Internals
string-width38.10 Width
string<4.5 Comparison of Characters and Strings
string=4.5 Comparison of Characters and Strings
stringp4.2 The Predicates for Strings
strings4. Strings and Characters
strings with keyboard events21.6.14 Putting Keyboard Events in Strings
strings, formatting them4.7 Formatting Strings
strings-consedE.4 Memory Usage
subprocess37. Processes
subr12.1 What Is a Function?
subr-arity12.1 What Is a Function?
subrp12.1 What Is a Function?
subst-char-in-region32.20 Substituting for a Character Code
substitute-command-keys24.3 Substituting Key Bindings in Documentation
substitute-in-file-name25.8.4 Functions that Expand Filenames
substitute-key-definition22.9 Changing Key Bindings
substituting keys in documentation24.3 Substituting Key Bindings in Documentation
substring4.3 Creating Strings
subtype of char-table6.6 Char-Tables
super characters2.3.3 Character Type
suppress-keymap22.9 Changing Key Bindings
suspend (cf. no-redraw-on-reenter)38.1 Refreshing the Screen
suspend evaluation21.12 Recursive Editing
suspend-emacs40.2.2 Suspending Emacs
suspend-hook40.2.2 Suspending Emacs
suspend-resume-hook40.2.2 Suspending Emacs
suspending Emacs40.2.2 Suspending Emacs
switch-to-buffer28.7 Displaying Buffers in Windows
switch-to-buffer-other-window28.7 Displaying Buffers in Windows
switches on command line40.1.4 Command-Line Arguments
switching to a buffer28.7 Displaying Buffers in Windows
sxhash7.3 Defining Hash Comparisons
symbol8. Symbols
symbol components8.1 Symbol Components
symbol constituent35.2.1 Table of Syntax Classes
symbol equality8.3 Creating and Interning Symbols
symbol evaluation9.2.2 Symbol Forms
symbol function indirection9.2.4 Symbol Function Indirection
symbol in keymap22.7 Key Lookup
symbol name hashing8.3 Creating and Interning Symbols
symbol-file15.7 Unloading
symbol-function12.8 Accessing Function Cell Contents
symbol-name8.3 Creating and Interning Symbols
symbol-plist8.4.2 Property List Functions for Symbols
symbol-value11.7 Accessing Variable Values
symbolp8. Symbols
symbols-consedE.4 Memory Usage
synchronous subprocess37.3 Creating a Synchronous Process
syntax classes35.2 Syntax Descriptors
syntax descriptor35.2 Syntax Descriptors
syntax error (Edebug) Backtracking in Specifications
syntax flags35.2.2 Syntax Flags
syntax for characters2.3.3 Character Type
syntax table35. Syntax Tables
syntax table example23.1.2 Major Mode Examples
syntax table internals35.8 Syntax Table Internals
syntax tables in modes23.1.1 Major Mode Conventions
syntax-table35.3 Syntax Table Functions
syntax-table (text property)35.4 Syntax Properties
syntax-table-p35.1 Syntax Table Concepts
system-configuration40.3 Operating System Environment
system-key-alist40.11 System-Specific X11 Keysyms
system-messages-locale33.12 Locales
system-name40.3 Operating System Environment
system-time-locale33.12 Locales
system-type40.3 Operating System Environment

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