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Index: B

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Index Entry Section

back-to-indentation32.17.6 Indentation-Based Motion Commands
backquote (list substitution)13.5 Backquote
backslash in character constant2.3.3 Character Type
backslash in strings2.3.8.1 Syntax for Strings
backslash in symbols2.3.4 Symbol Type
backspace2.3.3 Character Type
backtrace18.1.8 Internals of the Debugger
backtrace-debug18.1.8 Internals of the Debugger
backtrace-frame18.1.8 Internals of the Debugger
backtracking18.2.15.2 Backtracking in Specifications
backup file26.1 Backup Files
backup files, how to make them26.1.2 Backup by Renaming or by Copying?
backup-buffer26.1.1 Making Backup Files
backup-by-copying26.1.2 Backup by Renaming or by Copying?
backup-by-copying-when-linked26.1.2 Backup by Renaming or by Copying?
backup-by-copying-when-mismatch26.1.2 Backup by Renaming or by Copying?
backup-by-copying-when-privileged-mismatch26.1.2 Backup by Renaming or by Copying?
backup-directory-alist26.1.1 Making Backup Files
backup-enable-predicate26.1.1 Making Backup Files
backup-file-name-p26.1.4 Naming Backup Files
backup-inhibited26.1.1 Making Backup Files
backward-char30.2.1 Motion by Characters
backward-delete-char-untabify32.6 Deleting Text
backward-delete-char-untabify-method32.6 Deleting Text
backward-list30.2.6 Moving over Balanced Expressions
backward-prefix-chars35.5 Motion and Syntax
backward-sexp30.2.6 Moving over Balanced Expressions
backward-to-indentation32.17.6 Indentation-Based Motion Commands
backward-word30.2.2 Motion by Words
balancing parentheses38.14 Blinking Parentheses
barf-if-buffer-read-only27.7 Read-Only Buffers
base 64 encoding32.23 Base 64 Encoding
base buffer27.11 Indirect Buffers
base coding system33.10.1 Basic Concepts of Coding Systems
base for reading an integer3.1 Integer Basics
base64-decode-region32.23 Base 64 Encoding
base64-decode-string32.23 Base 64 Encoding
base64-encode-region32.23 Base 64 Encoding
base64-encode-string32.23 Base 64 Encoding
basic code (of input character)21.6.1 Keyboard Events
batch mode40.13 Batch Mode
batch-byte-compile16.2 The Compilation Functions
baud-rate40.9 Terminal Output
beep38.18 Beeping
beeping38.18 Beeping
before point, insertion32.4 Inserting Text
before-advice17.2 Defining Advice
before-change-functions32.25 Change Hooks
before-init-hook40.1.2 The Init File, `.emacs'
before-make-frame-hook29.1 Creating Frames
before-revert-hook26.3 Reverting
before-string (overlay property)38.9.1 Overlay Properties
beginning of line30.2.4 Motion by Text Lines
beginning of line in regexp34.2.1.1 Special Characters in Regular Expressions
beginning-of-buffer30.2.3 Motion to an End of the Buffer
beginning-of-defun30.2.6 Moving over Balanced Expressions
beginning-of-defun-function30.2.6 Moving over Balanced Expressions
beginning-of-line30.2.4 Motion by Text Lines
bell38.18 Beeping
bell character2.3.3 Character Type
binary files and text files33.10.9 MS-DOS File Types
binding arguments12.2.3 Other Features of Argument Lists
binding local variables11.3 Local Variables
binding of a key22.1 Keymap Terminology
bitmap-spec-p38.11.3 Face Attributes
bitwise and3.8 Bitwise Operations on Integers
bitwise exclusive or3.8 Bitwise Operations on Integers
bitwise not3.8 Bitwise Operations on Integers
bitwise or3.8 Bitwise Operations on Integers
blink-matching-delay38.14 Blinking Parentheses
blink-matching-open38.14 Blinking Parentheses
blink-matching-paren38.14 Blinking Parentheses
blink-matching-paren-distance38.14 Blinking Parentheses
blink-paren-function38.14 Blinking Parentheses
blinking38.14 Blinking Parentheses
bobp32.1 Examining Text Near Point
body of function12.2.1 Components of a Lambda Expression
bold (face name)38.11.1 Standard Faces
bold-italic (face name)38.11.1 Standard Faces
bolp32.1 Examining Text Near Point
bool-vector-p6.7 Bool-vectors
Bool-vectors6.7 Bool-vectors
boolean1.3.2 nil and t
boundp11.4 When a Variable is "Void"
box diagrams, for lists2.3.6 Cons Cell and List Types
box representation for lists5.2 Lists as Linked Pairs of Boxes
break18.1 The Lisp Debugger
breakpoints18.2.6 Breakpoints
bucket (in obarray)8.3 Creating and Interning Symbols
buffer27. Buffers
buffer contents32. Text
buffer file name27.4 Buffer File Name
buffer input stream19.2 Input Streams
buffer internalsE.6.1 Buffer Internals
buffer list27.8 The Buffer List
buffer modification27.5 Buffer Modification
buffer names27.3 Buffer Names
buffer output stream19.4 Output Streams
buffer text notation1.3.6 Buffer Text Notation
buffer, read-only27.7 Read-Only Buffers
buffer-access-fontified-property32.19.8 Lazy Computation of Text Properties
buffer-access-fontify-functions32.19.8 Lazy Computation of Text Properties
buffer-auto-save-file-name26.2 Auto-Saving
buffer-backed-up26.1.1 Making Backup Files
buffer-base-buffer27.11 Indirect Buffers
buffer-disable-undo32.10 Maintaining Undo Lists
buffer-display-table38.17.2 Active Display Table
buffer-display-time28.6 Buffers and Windows
buffer-enable-undo32.10 Maintaining Undo Lists
buffer-end30.1 Point
buffer-file-coding-system33.10.2 Encoding and I/O
buffer-file-format25.12 File Format Conversion
buffer-file-name27.4 Buffer File Name
buffer-file-number27.4 Buffer File Name
buffer-file-truename27.4 Buffer File Name
buffer-file-type33.10.9 MS-DOS File Types
buffer-flush-undo32.10 Maintaining Undo Lists
buffer-has-markers-at31.4 Information from Markers
buffer-invisibility-spec38.5 Invisible Text
buffer-list27.8 The Buffer List
buffer-local variables11.10 Buffer-Local Variables
buffer-local variables in modes23.1.1 Major Mode Conventions
buffer-local-variables11.10.2 Creating and Deleting Buffer-Local Bindings
Buffer-menu-mode-mapH. Standard Keymaps
buffer-modified-p27.5 Buffer Modification
buffer-modified-tick27.5 Buffer Modification
buffer-name27.3 Buffer Names
buffer-name-history20.4 Minibuffer History
buffer-offer-save27.10 Killing Buffers
buffer-read-only27.7 Read-Only Buffers
buffer-saved-size26.2 Auto-Saving
buffer-size30.1 Point
buffer-string32.2 Examining Buffer Contents
buffer-substring32.2 Examining Buffer Contents
buffer-substring-no-properties32.2 Examining Buffer Contents
buffer-undo-list32.9 Undo
bufferp27.1 Buffer Basics
buffers, controlled in windows28.6 Buffers and Windows
buffers, creating27.9 Creating Buffers
buffers, killing27.10 Killing Buffers
building EmacsE.1 Building Emacs
building lists5.5 Building Cons Cells and Lists
built-in function12.1 What Is a Function?
bury-buffer27.8 The Buffer List
butlast5.4 Accessing Elements of Lists
button-down event21.6.6 Button-Down Events
byte-boolean-varsE.5 Writing Emacs Primitives
byte-code16.2 The Compilation Functions
byte-code function16.6 Byte-Code Function Objects
byte-code interpreter16.2 The Compilation Functions
byte-code-function-p12.1 What Is a Function?
byte-compile16.2 The Compilation Functions
byte-compile-dynamic16.4 Dynamic Loading of Individual Functions
byte-compile-dynamic-docstrings16.3 Documentation Strings and Compilation
byte-compile-file16.2 The Compilation Functions
byte-compiling macros13.3 Macros and Byte Compilation
byte-compiling require15.6 Features
byte-recompile-directory16.2 The Compilation Functions
byte-to-position33.1 Text Representations
bytes4. Strings and Characters
bytes and characters33.6 Characters and Bytes

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