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New Symbols Since the Previous Edition: N -- X

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Index Entry Section

next-single-char-property-change32.19.3 Text Property Search Functions

parse-colon-path40.3 Operating System Environment
play-sound40.10 Sound Output
play-sound-file40.10 Sound Output
play-sound-functions40.10 Sound Output
plist-member8.4.3 Property Lists Outside Symbols
pop5.4 Accessing Elements of Lists
position-bytes33.1 Text Representations
previous-single-char-property-change32.19.3 Text Property Search Functions
print-circle19.6 Variables Affecting Output
print-gensym19.6 Variables Affecting Output
process-running-child-p process37.7 Sending Input to Processes
propertize32.19.2 Changing Text Properties
push5.5 Building Cons Cells and Lists
puthash7.2 Hash Table Access

redisplay-dont-pause38.2 Forcing Redisplay
remhash7.2 Hash Table Access
right-margin-width38.12.3 Displaying in the Margins

scalable-fonts-allowed38.11.6 Font Selection
scroll-down-aggressively28.11 Textual Scrolling
scroll-up-aggressively28.11 Textual Scrolling
set-face-attribute38.11.4 Face Attribute Functions
set-window-margins38.12.3 Displaying in the Margins
show-help-function32.19.4 Properties with Special Meanings
show-trailing-whitespace38.11.1 Standard Faces
small-temporary-file-directory25.8.5 Generating Unique File Names
subr-arity12.1 What Is a Function?
sxhash7.3 Defining Hash Comparisons
system-messages-locale33.12 Locales
system-time-locale33.12 Locales

temp-buffer-setup-hook38.8 Temporary Displays
text-property-default-nonsticky32.19.6 Stickiness of Text Properties
tool-bar-add-item22.12.6 Tool bars
tool-bar-add-item-from-menu22.12.6 Tool bars
tool-bar-item-margin22.12.6 Tool bars
tool-bar-item-relief22.12.6 Tool bars
tool-bar-map22.12.6 Tool bars
tty-color-alist29.20 Text Terminal Colors
tty-color-approximate29.20 Text Terminal Colors
tty-color-clear29.20 Text Terminal Colors
tty-color-define29.20 Text Terminal Colors
tty-color-translate29.20 Text Terminal Colors

user-init-file40.1.2 The Init File, `.emacs'

window-margins38.12.3 Displaying in the Margins
window-size-fixed28.15 Changing the Size of a Window
with-syntax-table35.3 Syntax Table Functions
with-temp-message38.4 The Echo Area

x-family-fonts38.11.9 Looking Up Fonts
x-font-family-list38.11.9 Looking Up Fonts

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