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New Symbols Since the Previous Edition

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Index Entry Section

after-make-frame-functions29.1 Creating Frames
assq-delete-all5.8 Association Lists
auto-raise-tool-bar-items22.12.6 Tool bars
auto-resize-tool-bar22.12.6 Tool bars
auto-save-list-file-prefix26.2 Auto-Saving

backup-directory-alist26.1.1 Making Backup Files
base64-decode-region32.23 Base 64 Encoding
base64-decode-string32.23 Base 64 Encoding
base64-encode-region32.23 Base 64 Encoding
base64-encode-string32.23 Base 64 Encoding
beginning-of-defun-function30.2.6 Moving over Balanced Expressions
buffer-has-markers-at31.4 Information from Markers
byte-to-position33.1 Text Representations

charset-bytes33.6 Characters and Bytes
charset-plist33.5 Character Sets
clear-face-cache38.11.6 Font Selection
clear-image-cache38.13.9 Image Cache
clear-this-command-keys21.4 Information from the Command Loop
clrhash7.2 Hash Table Access
color-defined-p29.19 Color Names
color-gray-p29.19 Color Names
color-supported-p29.19 Color Names
color-values29.19 Color Names
constrain-to-field32.19.10 Defining and Using Fields
copy-hash-table7.4 Other Hash Table Functions
create-glyph38.17.3 Glyphs
create-image38.13.7 Defining Images

default-header-line-format23.3.5 Window Header Lines
defimage38.13.7 Defining Images
define-hash-table-test7.3 Defining Hash Comparisons
define-minor-mode23.2.3 Defining Minor Modes
defined-colors29.19 Color Names
delete-and-extract-region32.6 Deleting Text
delete-field32.19.10 Defining and Using Fields
delete-minibuffer-contents20.9 Minibuffer Miscellany
describe-current-display-table38.17.1 Display Table Format
describe-display-table38.17.1 Display Table Format
disable-point-adjustment21.5 Adjusting Point After Commands
display-backing-store29.22 Display Feature Testing
display-color-cells29.22 Display Feature Testing
display-color-p29.22 Display Feature Testing
display-graphic-p29.22 Display Feature Testing
display-grayscale-p29.22 Display Feature Testing
display-message-or-buffer38.4 The Echo Area
display-mm-height29.22 Display Feature Testing
display-mm-width29.22 Display Feature Testing
display-mouse-p29.22 Display Feature Testing
display-pixel-height29.22 Display Feature Testing
display-pixel-width29.22 Display Feature Testing
display-planes29.22 Display Feature Testing
display-popup-menus-p29.22 Display Feature Testing
display-save-under29.22 Display Feature Testing
display-screens29.22 Display Feature Testing
display-selections-p29.22 Display Feature Testing
display-visual-class29.22 Display Feature Testing
dolist10.4 Iteration
dotimes10.4 Iteration

emacs-startup-hook40.1.2 The Init File, `.emacs'
end-of-defun-function30.2.6 Moving over Balanced Expressions

face-attribute38.11.4 Face Attribute Functions
face-font-family-alternatives38.11.6 Font Selection
face-font-registry-alternatives38.11.6 Font Selection
face-font-selection-order38.11.6 Font Selection
field-beginning32.19.10 Defining and Using Fields
field-end32.19.10 Defining and Using Fields
field-string32.19.10 Defining and Using Fields
field-string-no-properties32.19.10 Defining and Using Fields
file-expand-wildcards25.9 Contents of Directories
find-file-wildcards25.1.1 Functions for Visiting Files
find-image38.13.7 Defining Images
font-list-limit38.11.9 Looking Up Fonts
fontification-functions38.11.8 Automatic Face Assignment
frame-parameter29.3.1 Access to Frame Parameters

gethash7.2 Hash Table Access
global-disable-point-adjustment21.5 Adjusting Point After Commands

hash-table-count7.4 Other Hash Table Functions
hash-table-p7.4 Other Hash Table Functions
hash-table-rehash-size7.4 Other Hash Table Functions
hash-table-rehash-threshold7.4 Other Hash Table Functions
hash-table-size7.4 Other Hash Table Functions
hash-table-test7.4 Other Hash Table Functions
hash-table-weakness7.4 Other Hash Table Functions
header-line-format23.3.5 Window Header Lines

image-cache-eviction-delay38.13.9 Image Cache
image-mask-p38.13.1 Image Descriptors
image-size38.13.8 Showing Images
indicate-empty-lines38.16 Usual Display Conventions
inhibit-field-text-motion30.2.2 Motion by Words
inhibit-modification-hooks32.25 Change Hooks

keywordp11.2 Variables that Never Change

left-margin-width38.12.3 Displaying in the Margins
line-beginning-position30.2.4 Motion by Text Lines
line-end-position30.2.4 Motion by Text Lines
locale-coding-system33.12 Locales

make-backup-file-name-function26.1.1 Making Backup Files
make-category-table35.9 Categories
make-hash-table7.1 Creating Hash Tables
make-temp-file25.8.5 Generating Unique File Names
makehash7.1 Creating Hash Tables
mapc12.6 Mapping Functions
maphash7.2 Hash Table Access
minibuffer-contents20.9 Minibuffer Miscellany
minibuffer-contents-no-properties20.9 Minibuffer Miscellany
minibuffer-prompt-end20.9 Minibuffer Miscellany
multibyte-syntax-as-symbol35.6 Parsing Balanced Expressions

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