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29 Control Theory

The Octave Control Systems Toolbox (OCST) was initially developed by Dr. A. Scottedward Hodel [email protected] with the assistance of his students

This development was supported in part by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center as part of an in-house CACSD environment. Additional important contributions were made by Dr. Kai Mueller [email protected] and Jose Daniel Munoz Frias (place.m).

An on-line menu-driven tutorial is available via DEMOcontrol; beginning OCST users should start with this program.

— Function File: DEMOcontrol

Octave Control Systems Toolbox demo/tutorial program. The demo allows the user to select among several categories of OCST function:

          octave:1> DEMOcontrol
          O C T A V E    C O N T R O L   S Y S T E M S   T O O L B O X
          Octave Controls System Toolbox Demo
            [ 1] System representation
            [ 2] Block diagram manipulations
            [ 3] Frequency response functions
            [ 4] State space analysis functions
            [ 5] Root locus functions
            [ 6] LQG/H2/Hinfinity functions
            [ 7] End

Command examples are interactively run for users to observe the use of OCST functions.