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Variable Index: D -- F

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Index Entry Section

dabbrev-abbrev-char-regexpX.7 Customizing Dynamic Abbreviation
dabbrev-abbrev-skip-leading-regexpX.7 Customizing Dynamic Abbreviation
dabbrev-case-fold-searchX.7 Customizing Dynamic Abbreviation
dabbrev-case-fold-searchX.7 Customizing Dynamic Abbreviation
dabbrev-case-replaceX.7 Customizing Dynamic Abbreviation
dabbrev-check-all-buffersX.6 Dynamic Abbrev Expansion
dabbrev-ignored-buffer-regexpsX.6 Dynamic Abbrev Expansion
dabbrev-limitX.6 Dynamic Abbrev Expansion
dbx-mode-hookV.5.4 GUD Customization
default-buffer-file-coding-systemQ.9 Specifying a Coding System
default-directoryM.1 File Names
default-enable-multibyte-charactersQ.2 Enabling Multibyte Characters
default-indicate-empty-linesJ.5 Trailing Whitespace
default-input-methodQ.5 Selecting an Input Method
default-justificationT.11.7 Justification in Formatted Text
default-major-modeR.1 How Major Modes are Chosen
delete-auto-save-filesM.5.1 Auto-Save Files
delete-old-versionsM.3.1.2 Automatic Deletion of Backups
desktop-enableAC.25 Saving Emacs Sessions
desktop-files-not-to-saveAC.25 Saving Emacs Sessions
diary-fileAC.10.2 The Diary File
diary-hookAC.11 Appointments
diary-mail-daysAC.10.1 Commands Displaying Diary Entries
diff-switchesM.9 Comparing Files
dired-chown-programAB.7 Operating on Files
dired-copy-preserve-timeAB.7 Operating on Files
dired-dwim-targetAB.7 Operating on Files
dired-garbage-files-regexpAB.4 Flagging Many Files at Once
dired-kept-versionsAB.4 Flagging Many Files at Once
dired-listing-switchesAB.1 Entering Dired
dired-listing-switches (MS-DOS)AH.7 Subprocesses on MS-DOS
dired-recursive-copiesAB.7 Operating on Files
dired-recursive-deletesAB.3 Deleting Files with Dired
display-buffer-reuse-framesN.1 Creating and Selecting Buffers
display-time-24hr-formatJ.10 Optional Mode Line Features
display-time-mail-faceJ.10 Optional Mode Line Features
display-time-use-mail-iconJ.10 Optional Mode Line Features
dos-codepageAH.6 International Support on MS-DOS
dos-display-scancodesAH.1 Keyboard and Mouse on MS-DOS
dos-hyper-keyAH.1 Keyboard and Mouse on MS-DOS
dos-keypad-modeAH.1 Keyboard and Mouse on MS-DOS
dos-printerAH.5 Printing and MS-DOS
dos-ps-printerAH.5 Printing and MS-DOS
dos-super-keyAH.1 Keyboard and Mouse on MS-DOS
dos-unsupported-character-glyphAH.6 International Support on MS-DOS
double-click-fuzzAD.4.10 Rebinding Mouse Buttons
double-click-timeAD.4.10 Rebinding Mouse Buttons

echo-keystrokesJ.12 Customization of Display
emacs-lisp-mode-hookU.1 Major Modes for Programming Languages
emerge-combine-versions-templateW.3.6 Combining the Two Versions
emerge-startup-hookW.3.7 Fine Points of Emerge
enable-multibyte-charactersQ.2 Enabling Multibyte Characters
enable-recursive-minibuffersE.2 Editing in the Minibuffer
enriched-fill-after-visitingT.11.1 Requesting to Edit Formatted Text
enriched-translationsT.11.1 Requesting to Edit Formatted Text
eol-mnemonic-dosB.3 The Mode Line
eol-mnemonic-macB.3 The Mode Line
eol-mnemonic-undecidedB.3 The Mode Line
eol-mnemonic-unixB.3 The Mode Line
esc-mapAD.4.2 Prefix Keymaps
european-calendar-styleAC.10.3 Date Formats
eval-expression-debug-on-errorV.8 Evaluating Emacs-Lisp Expressions
eval-expression-print-lengthV.8 Evaluating Emacs-Lisp Expressions
eval-expression-print-levelV.8 Evaluating Emacs-Lisp Expressions
even-window-heightsN.1 Creating and Selecting Buffers
exit-language-environment-hookQ.3 Language Environments
explicit-shell-file-nameAC.15.2 Interactive Inferior Shell

ff-related-file-alistU.11.4 Other Commands for C Mode
file-coding-system-alistQ.8 Recognizing Coding Systems
file-name-buffer-file-type-alistAH.4 Text Files and Binary Files
file-name-coding-systemQ.9 Specifying a Coding System
file-name-handler-alistM.13 Remote Files
fill-columnT.5.3 Explicit Fill Commands
fill-prefixT.5.4 The Fill Prefix
find-file-existing-other-nameM.6 File Name Aliases
find-file-hooksM.2 Visiting Files
find-file-not-found-hooksM.2 Visiting Files
find-file-run-diredM.2 Visiting Files
find-file-suppress-same-file-warningsM.6 File Name Aliases
find-file-visit-truenameM.6 File Name Aliases
find-file-wildcardsM.2 Visiting Files
find-ls-optionAB.15 Dired and find
find-tag-marker-ring-lengthW.2.5 Finding a Tag
foldout-mouse-modifiersT.8.5 Folding Editing
font-lock-beginning-of-syntax-functionJ.2 Font Lock mode
font-lock-maximum-decorationJ.2 Font Lock mode
font-lock-maximum-sizeJ.2 Font Lock mode
fortran-analyze-depthU.12.2.2 Continuation Lines
fortran-break-before-delimitersU.12.4 Fortran Auto Fill Mode
fortran-check-all-num...U.12.2.5 Variables for Fortran Indentation
fortran-column-ruler-fixedU.12.5 Checking Columns in Fortran
fortran-column-ruler-tabsU.12.5 Checking Columns in Fortran
fortran-comment-indent-charU.12.3 Fortran Comments
fortran-comment-indent-styleU.12.3 Fortran Comments
fortran-comment-line-extra-indentU.12.3 Fortran Comments
fortran-comment-regionU.12.3 Fortran Comments
fortran-continuation-indentU.12.2.5 Variables for Fortran Indentation
fortran-continuation-stringU.12.2.2 Continuation Lines
fortran-do-indentU.12.2.5 Variables for Fortran Indentation
fortran-electric-line-numberU.12.2.3 Line Numbers
fortran-if-indentU.12.2.5 Variables for Fortran Indentation
fortran-line-number-indentU.12.2.3 Line Numbers
fortran-minimum-statement-indent...U.12.2.5 Variables for Fortran Indentation
fortran-structure-indentU.12.2.5 Variables for Fortran Indentation
fortran-tab-mode-defaultU.12.2.2 Continuation Lines

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