R&D on photoinjector drive lasers

I have four projects going on for now.

The first is to upgrade the current APS photoinjector drive laser system, a lamp pumped system into a diode pumped system. The laser diagram as following

Laser schematic

Being a glass laser, it has reliability and stability problems (for a full description of the problems and other technical aspect of the laser system, please click here, or a shorter version here ), and needs intense maintanence effort. These problems also prevent us from inteleaving our FEL system with the APS operation in top-up mode.

A pair of custom diode-pimped laser heads have been purchased and is being implemented.

The second project is geared for advanced laser pulse tailoring. The approach is to combine chromatic abeeration and phase modulation. Some of the project was in collaboration with the SLAC group on LCLS photoinjector drive laser. The principle is shown below:


Here is demonstration of the method,

Publications in Optics Letters (1, 2), Physical Review Letter, and Physical Review. An unpublished paper can be found here.