Some Presentations:

2009 APS user meeting (May 2009)
Picosecond need for dynamics in nano/energy science.  PPT

ERL 2009 (June 2009)
3D laser pulse shaping for photoinjector applications.  PPT

Seminar given at various places (2008-2009)
Laser application in accelerators.  PPT

CLEO 2008
Shortening a laser pulse at the focus of a lens.  PPT

CLEO 2008
A high-power, beam-based, coherently enhanced THz radiation source.  PPT

APS review 2007-2008
Large-scale laser-plasma wakefield computation.  PPT

SPIE 2004 (August 2004)
Optical properties of the high-gain, self-amplified free-electron laser. PPT

Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (May 2004)
Optical properties of the output of the high-gain, self-amplified free-electron laser.

Argonne Linear Free-Elecectron Laser Facility (ALFF) User Workshop (October 2003)
Temporal and spectrtral characteristics of the LEUTL FEL.

Invited: Workshop on New Aspects of Quark Nuclear Physics with Polarized Photons (February 2003)
Possibility of brigth, polarized high energy photon sources at the Advanced Photon Source. ppt
Material distributed at the workshop: Generation of bright, tunable, polarized gamma-ray sources by scattering laser pulses from APS electron beams

Workshop on Laser Issues for Electron RF Photoinjectors, SLAC (October 2002)
Experience with and expectations for the drive laser for the APS PC gun. ppt
A more detailed account on the subject Operation of the APS Photoinjector Drive Laser System

Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (May 2002)
Intensity and pulse shape effect on the spectral and angular distribution of nonlinear Thomson scattering. ppt

Ivited, Workshop on Novel Photon Sources from Relativistic Electron Beams. Pocatello, Idaho, September 2001
Generating sub-100 fs X-ray Pulses using APS Injector Linac.

Free-Electron Laser Conference 2000, Durham (August 2000)
Progress of tabletop plasma X-ray lasers at LLNL. PDF