USPAS course notes

Laser Applications to Accelerators

Yuelin Li (, ANL) and Triveni Rao (, BNL)

Purpose and Audience
This course is an introduction to the application of laser technology and techniques to accelerators. The course is designed for graduate students, engineers, and scientists interested in the basic concept and techniques for laser applications in accelerators. Prerequsities: Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism at the junior/senior undergraduate level.

The course will survey the concepts and techniques for laser applications in accelerators, including laser pulse manipulation and laser-beam interactions. At the end of the course, the students are expected to understand the basic laser techniques, laser-beam interactions, and laser related as a beam diagnostics and beam manipulations.

Lecture 1: Laser Basics.

Lecture 2: Laser propagation and diagnostics.

Lecture 3: Photoinjectors and laser synchronization

Lecture 4: Laser pulse shaping

Lecture 5: Laser-beam interactions and applications: FEL and Thomson scattering.

Lecture 5b: Laser-beam interaction and applications: Inverse free electron lasers 

Lecture 6: Beam manipulation and processing using lasers: IFEL, stochastic cooling, etc.

Lecture 7: Electro-optical sampling and applications

Lecture 8: Introduction to the frontiers: laser accelerators