Yuelin Li's APS Home Page

Yuelin Li's APS Home Page

Yuelin Li

Advanced Photon Source
Argonne National Laboratory

9700 S. Cass Ave.
Bldg. 432, Room D008
Argonne, IL 60439
Phone: 630-252-7863
E-mail: ylli@aps.anl.gov



Ph. D, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics
B. S., Peking University


Application of EO sampling for charged particle beam diagnostics
Photoinjector drive laser: synchronization and pulse shaping
Physics of free-electron lasers
Laser beam interaction
Laser plasma interaction and application for ultrafast X-ray generation and electron acceleration 

Time resolved x-ray science: to come

Some Presentations

Selected publications and Publication List


Laser Application in Accelerators, June 23-27, 2008, Annapolis, Maryland
Course Notes>
2008 Summer Session Unite State Particle Accelerator School, 2008.

Some irrelevant stuff ......

My poems

Irrelevant research

Fractal and calligraphy (to appear in Leonardo Transaction)

Authentication of an ancient Chinese calligraphy piece by 苏东坡
(Published in Oriental Art 《东方艺术》 , 2nd issue, 2009)

An introduction to a calligraphy master 潘良桢
published in Calligraphy News 《书法报》 2005.

Another version in Art of Painting and Calligraphy 《书画艺术》2005 (full online version).