Haidan received DOE Early Career Award, see press release. -May, 2016

Both of the postdoc postions have been filled. -Jan, 2015

There are two immediate openings for postdoctoral position at Argonne. The project is to study ultrafast phenomena of correlated electronic materials. If you are a highly motivated researcher who is interested in these position, please send me your CV. Thanks! -June, 2014

The collaboration with Matas Bargheer group has yielded fruitful results featured as a APS research highlight . -May, 2014

Our recent work on BFO is featured as a APS research highlight . -Feburary, 2013

The openning position has been filled. If you are interested in working in our group, you are encouraged to apply the Director's fellowhip with premium wage and research support. - Feburary, 2013

There is an immediate opening for a postdoctoral researcher at Sector 7 for developing near-field THz pump, hard X-ray nanodiffraction probe technique, and for demonstrating new science enabled by this innovative technique. If you are a highly motivated researcher who is interested in this position, please click here to apply. -October, 2012

A THz workshop at Argonne was co-orginized by me, July, 30-31, 2012. It was a great success which highlights the urgent need for THz-pump, X-ray probe capabilities. A seriers of THz workshops were lauched world wide afterwards including Frontier of THz Science at SLAC September, 5-6, 2012 and New Sources for Terahertz Research at Trieste, Italy, with more coming... -September, 2012

I started my new job as an assistant physicist at Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory. We will upgrade the facilities here to enable studies of ultrafast phenomona using multi-wavelength (from UV to THz) pump , short X-ray (~1ps) probe techniques. Contact me if you'd like to use facilities here.   -July, 2010

A new way to switch THz polarization by a transient "optics". See my recent paper published on Applied Physics Letter.  -May, 2010

Our fs-water paper has been featured as a research highlight and one of top 20 most dowloaded articles at J. Chem. Phys. website.

THz polarization control, featured on 09-29-2009 SLAC Today. Please also see an article in Nature photonics that reported a similar work.

Our ps-water paper has been featured as a cover article in Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.

The first THz lab at SLAC, featured on 08-16-2007 SLAC Today