My Bookmarks (Mes signets)

My Bookmarks (Mes signets)

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Argonne National Lab (ANL) related links

ANL Library
ANL Export Controls
Argonne Status Twitter page
Argonne Emergency Information page
ANL LMS Laboratory Management System (all lab manuals and procedures)
IL EPA Air Quality Information
ANL Guest House menus: Lunch and Dinner menu
ANL Computer Lab Access policy
ANL Live Stream

APS/ANL related links

Beamline Controls and Data Acquisition Group
APS ID Control.
Bunch clock generator
Extended IDL Tools such as Catcher and viewer
The APS Low-Energy Undulator Test Line LEUTL
APS job list.
APS User Policies and Procedures
APS End-of-Run Summaries
APS End-of-Run Summaries Administration
Vermont SIRI MSDS Index
IoP Axiom, where Inspec is available

Companies useful for Physics Experiments

Alfa-Aesar, a Johnson-Mattey Com.
Alpha Wire
Amber(Infrared Cameras)
Amptek, Inc. Home Page
Balzers Instruments
Bangs Laboratories
Bede Scientific
W.M. Berg, Inc
Brookhaven Instruments
Bicron Home Page
Canberra Inc.
Calcomp Techjet printer manual
CDWG-Gov. and Edu.
Cleveland Crystals
Flex410R from
Crystal GmbH
Cree Research Inc.
DirectRay Detector company
Dormont gas bellows
Femto detectors
Ferrofluidics Corporation
Applied Geomechanics
SBS Greenspring
Industrial Device Corp (IDC-NextStep
Immunicon Corporation(ferrofluids)
Inframetrics(Infrared Camera)
Keithley Instruments Inc.
Laserex, maker of laser pointers
Lithium based Spring Water maker of Gradium lenses
LND, INC Home Page (Nuclear Detectors)
MStores, Uof M store
Queensgate Nanopositioning
Monocrystals Company
New Focus
Omega Engineering Inc
Oriel Instruments
Ortec Online
Oxford Danfysik
Parker Hannifin Corp. and its Daedal division
Pfeiffer Vacuum Home page
Polymer Laboratories Home Page
Polymer Source, Inc
Welcome to PULNIX Online
Schaevitz Sensors (LVDT)
Schneeberger linear slides
Sensors Unlimited (Infrared Cameras)
StarTech Instruments
Sterling Diagnostic Imaging
Struck SIS Homepage
Texas Instruments
Thomas Register
U-C Components
UDT Instruments Inc.
Vacuum Atmosphere (Glove boxes)
Velmex,Inc(Unislide Manufacturer)
General Optics/Wave Precision
XIA, X-ray Instrumentation Associates
Carl Zeiss Inc. (US)

Physics Resources

Robot's Home Page, A Job server maintained by Prof. Y.S. Kim at Univ. of Maryland
The Job server of International Union of Crystallographie
ACP Liste d'emploi, CAP Job list
RND: reseau national de diplomes
SPIE The International Society for Optical Engineering
Fundamental Physics Constant, taken from the NIST Standard Reference Data Products Catalog
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Physics
TIPTOP The Internet Pilot of Physics
APS News Online
APS ftp Directory of /pub
Welcome to OSA OpticsNet
Great Canadian Scientists
Complex Systems Information Network
CASP2: Home Page
Cold Fusion and New Energy Technology Resource Guide
The MIT Semiconductor Subway
Polymer DOT COM (Polymer resources on internet)
Material Science Database from the National Materials Advisory Board
Wide Bandgap Semiconductors Expert Group
Physics 2000, an interactive journey in modern physics
Life, The Universe and the Electron
Great Women Physicist of the 20th century
Britannica Guide to the Nobel Prizes
Great Physics Applets
The Exploratorium in San Francisco and its 10 coolest physics displays
The XPOSE web site, a European Center on Ultrafast X-ray Physics
The ATTO web site, a European Center on Attosecond lasers.

Physics Journals

ISI Citation Database
IUCR journals, like JSR
Science Magazine and its table of content
Review of Scientific Intruments
PRL-Online and Related APS journals, Physical Review Focus, and link to the American Physical Society
American Institute of Physics Online Journals and AIP homepage
Institute of Physics Homepage, and all their Online Journals
LANL Physics Information Server
Online journal at UofM.
Welcome to OSA OpticsNet
Quebec Science


Steward Observatory CCD Laboratory
Leicester X-ray Astronomy Group
The NASA Homepage
Comet Shoemaker-Levy Home Page (JPL)
AstroWeb: Astronomical Internet Resources
Pointers on the Hale-Bopp comet:, Harvard Smitsonian page on Hale-Bopp


Recherche de site francais sur International
Canada 411 (telephone, adresses)
WhoWhere? PeopleSearch
Netfind Search
Welcome to CUI

Medical information

3M QVAR Asthma medicatopn
UK MRC HGMP Resource Centre
OncoLink, The University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center Resource
BoWeb 94 - Best Professional Service
Canadian Health Network

International organisations

United Nations and other international organizations
Central Intelligence Agency

Teaching sites of interest

John Hopkins Virtual Engineering Lab
Davidson College physlets
Virtual Prof
Cockpit Physics
IUPUI Web Chemistry
Steve's Physics 240, Winter 98
Steve's Physics 125 fall 1996
Just-in-Time Teaching (JITT)


University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Department of Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana
The Cambridge Polymer and Colloids Group
Bienvenue a Grenoble
Department of Physics, University of Toronto
McMaster University: Department of Physics and Astronomy
Univ. Laval Alerion
Oakland University Home Page
Kent State University Department of Physics Home Page
WSU Campus-Wide Information Service
Dept. of Physics, Simon Fraser University
University of Parma, Italy


Prof. Alexei Grigoriev
Prof. Paul Evans

Friends et amis

Hubert DeGuise Lakehead University
Marc De Montigny et photo de ma classe a Laval
Pascal Tessier
Jesse Guzman's BLOG
Prof. Tony Almudevar's home page
Ian Graham's home
Prof. Ralf Bruning
Tom O'Donnell X-ray Documents from his Home Page
Yiyu and Lisa' website
Mario Bergeron
Jack Chang
Peter Wilson

Computer tools

HTML Related links

Kiosk at the UofM
The official US Time.
US Navy Observatory Time Clock, Central Time
HTML Access Counter 4.0
Introduction to HTML and URL by Ian Graham
Browser Watch, plug ins for various browsers
Creating High-Impact Documents

Unix Software

CYGWIN Information and Installation
Silicon Graphics' Silicon Surf
HP Books on-line.
HP Resource cente for support
ftp index of /languages/yorick/
ACE/gr: Help(Do a Google search for Grace)
Research System Inc. maker of IDL
Visual Numerics, Inc., and PV-WAVE Technical Notes
Mpeg Player
MPEG Moving Picture Expert Group FAQ
Perl www site
UNIXhelp for users from the APS
Ygl Version 3.0.3 Description
The XAnim Home Page
Aladdin Ghostscript, Ghostview Homepages
PSUTILS, good for saving paper
XV by John Bradley
Free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software
Video conferencing with Cu-SeeMe
Pine Information Center
Real Audio home page, including the new RealVideo standard

Dictionaries, encyclopedia, web resources

Computing Dictionary
ITDweb Home Page
U of M reference shelf
Hypertext Webster Interface
Periodic Table
GAMS : Project Summary
USG Documentation

Math Libraries, special functions, etc

Numerical Recipes Home Page
W3C's Math Home Page
Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
StatLib Index
StatCodes, stat. software

Latex, Word, Word Processor in general

Lots of TeX, LaTeX pointers: The TeX User Group, The tetex distribution by Thomas Esser.
Tex2RTF Information
Online LaTeX guide(LaTeX help 1.1)
The LaTeX2HTML Translator
Word Processor Translator to HTML
Island (Write,Draw...) Software

PC software

Dragon Systems, Inc and Synapse Adaptive amd Assistive Technology.
HP JetAdmin Software for Win 98.
Humingbird maker of Exceed
PC-Xware from NCD

Mass media (Journaux electroniques et autre)

Non-Physics Links: News & Dictionaries & Fun
CNN Interactive
Chaine TVA
The CBC Homepage et le sommaire du site de Radio-Canada
Ecoute du Radiojournal
Radio-Canada International
Journalisme quebecois
Welcome to the BBC
TIME World Wide Home Page
USA Today Top of the news
Access ET
The New York Times
The Daily News Worldwide
The Daily YOMURI (Japon)
Halifax Herald
Maclean's Magazine Website
The Detroit News
The Gazette Online
Canadian Press and Broadcast News
Globe Index
La Passerelle de Presse Internationale, qui offre Le journal de Montreal
Le Monde Diplomatique
Le Soleil de Quebec
Le MATINTERNET interactif...
La toile du Quebec
Les Chroniques de Cybérie
AT&T Business Network Home Page
Yahoo - World Summary
Service sympatico francais de Bell Canada


Mountain Equipment Coop Home Page
REI Home Page (US MCE)
Volleyball launch...
The Baseball Server: The Montreal Expos
Backcountry Home Page : hiking camping backpacking trekking outdoors skiing climbing
The Climbing Archive!
ESPNET SportsZone
Mark Allen, training notes on food, water and salt

Arts and Entertainment (Arts et spectacles)

WebMuseum: Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator)
The Opera Schedule Server
The Metropolitan Opera
The Metropolitan Opera (Unofficial page)
The Texaco-Metropolitan Opera

Amusing pages (Pages amusantes)

Urban Legends Co.
Bob Park's What's New
The X-Files
X Files Terminal Now Accessed
JREF: The James Randi Educational Foundation Homepage
The International Asterix Page
Asterix: le site non officiel francophone
Recette du monde
Global Schoolnet Supports the Jane Goodall Institute
TNS Technology Demonstrations
USA Flying Club Association
National Transportation Safety Board

Immigration, Travel and tourism (Tourisme et voyage)

Varia travel

Ant Jet Lag diet

Quebec, Canada

Bienvenu au Québec
Site officiel d'information touristique de Montréal

United States of America

The US Senate
The House of Representative
The White House
The Library of Congress
City Net maps
The Consulate of Canada, Chicago
The INS!
On Free Trade Visas...
PARKNET:The National Park Service Place on the Web
Chicago Electronic Tour Guide
Choose Chicago

Michigan, Ann Arbor and the Univ. of Michigan

UofM Wolverine access (Pay check, personnal data)
UofM International Travel Oversight Committee
University of Michigan Travel Services
Payroll office at the UofM
UMCE Computer account set up
Computer Sales at UofM
International Travel Network
Ann Arbor WWW sites: Living in Ann Arbor, M Pathways, The ArborWeb, Welcome to Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, The Ann Arbor Student Guide, The Kelsey Museuum of Antropology, and the Museum of Natural History, The Univ. of Mich. Libraries
The Henry Ford Museum
Tourism in Michigan

Meteo et conditions de la route, etc...

The Weather Network City Weather
Detroit weather from Intellicast
Temperature a Downers Grove

Facts on Canada, Services to Canadians

Canadians and Friends of Canada
Service Canada
Meilleurs sites Quebecois de 1998
Site de conversion de monnaie

Musique, Instrument de Musique, Chorales

The Awakening
Tim Praskins AZpianonews, all to know about digital pianos
Uncle Jon's Music in Westmount, IL


USPS Stamp calculator
Magazins Archambault musique
Librairie Renaud-Bray
Corpomax, Incorporation des compagnies americaines avec liens tres utiles
MasterCard International Pointers
McKinsey & Company
Ecole la Camaradiere
School Sucks!
Veggies Unite! (Vege tips)
Saveur du Monde (recettes)

Family products

Vivitar 3935 Camera User Manual

Compresseur AC

Social Network

Steven Chu on Facebook