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*sponsor.txt*   For Vim version 6.3.  Last change: 2004 Apr 23

		  VIM REFERENCE MANUAL    by Bram Moolenaar


Fixing bugs and adding new features takes a lot of effort.  For a few years
Bram has attempted to do this next to a full-time job.  During that time the
todo list kept getting longer and longer.

In order for Bram to support Vim properly he needs your support.  Through your
donations Bram will be able to have a part-time job and spend more time on
fixing bugs and adding new features.

For the most recent information about sponsoring look on the Vim web site:

More explanations can be found in the |sponsor-faq|.

REGISTERED VIM USER						*register*

You can become a registered Vim user by sending at least 10 euro.  This works
similar to sponsoring Vim, see |sponsor| above.  Registration was made
possible for the situation where your boss or bookkeeper may be willing to
register software, but does not like the terms "sponsoring" and "donation".

More explanations can be found in the |register-faq|.

VOTE FOR FEATURES					*vote-for-features*

To give registered Vim users and sponsors an advantage over lurkers they can
vote for the items Bram should work on.  How does this voting work?

1.  You send at least 10 euro.  See below for ways to transfer money

2.  You will be e-mailed a registration key.  Enter this key on your account
    page on the Vim website.  You can easily create an account if you don't
    have one yet.

3.  You can enter your votes on the voting page.  There is a link to that page
    on your account page after entering a registration key.  Your votes will
    be counted for two years.

4.  The voting results appear on the results page, which is visible for

Additionally, once you have send 100 euro or more in total, your name appears
 in the "Vim hall of honour":
But only if you enable this on your account page.

HOW TO SEND MONEY						*send-money*

Creditcard	Through PayPal, see the PayPal site for information:
		The e-mail address for sending sponsorship money is:
	[email protected] 
		The e-mail address for Vim registration is:
	[email protected] 
		Using Euro is preferred, other currencies are also accepted.
		In Euro countries a bank transfer is preferred, this has lower

Bank transfer	Transfer to Bram's account at the Postbank: 1644503.  For
		international transfers you can use these numbers:
			IBAN:       NL79 PSTB 0001 6445 03
		This is the address of the bank:
			ING Bank Amsterdam, Foreign Operations
			PO Box 1800
			1000 BV Amsterdam
			The Netherlands
		Include "Vim sponsor" or "Vim registration" in the comment of
		your money transfer.  Send me an e-mail that mentions the
		amount you transferred if you want to vote for features and
		show others you are a registered Vim user or sponsor.

Cash		Small amounts can be send with ordinary mail.  Put something
		around the money, so that it's not noticable from the outside.
		Mention your e-mail address if you want to vote for features
		and show others you are a registered Vim user or sponsor.

This is Bram's address: Bram Moolenaar
			Clematisstraat 30
			5925 BE Venlo
			The Netherlands


If you don't care about sponsoring Vim Development or becoming a registered
Vim user, but do care about helping needy children, consider giving to the
ICCF Holland foundation.  This is the charity recommended by Vim's author.
The money is used for a children centre in the south of Uganda, where AIDS has
caused many victims.  See |uganda|.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS				*sponsor-faq* *register-faq*

Why should I give money?

Bram has tried to work on Vim next to a full-time job.  The list of known bugs
and ideas for new features has constantly been growing during this time.  Bram
simply can't spend enough time on Vim development when he has a full-time job.
Your contribution will make it possible for Bram to have a part-time job and
spend much more time on Vim development.  Bugs will be fixed quicker and new
Vim releases will become available more often.

How much money should I send?

That is up to you.  The more you give, the more time Bram can work on Vim.  An
indication for individuals that use Vim at home: 10 Euro per year.  For
professional use: 30 Euro per year per person.  Send at least 10 euro to be
able to vote for features.

What do I get in return?

Each registered Vim user and sponsor who donates at least 10 euro will be able
to vote for new features.  These votes will give priority to the work on Vim.
The votes are valid for two years.  The more money you send the more your
votes count |votes-counted|.

If you send 100 Euro or more in total you will be mentioned on the "Vim hall
of honour" page on the Vim web site.  But only if you enable this on your
account page.  You can also select whether the amount will be visible.

How do I become a Vim sponsor or registered Vim user?

Send money, as explained above |send-money| and include your e-mail address.
When the money has been received you will receive a unique registration key.
This key can be used on the Vim website to activate voting on your Vim
account.  You will then get an extra page where you can vote for features and
choose whether others will be able to see that you donated.  There is a link
to this page on your "My Account" page.

What is the difference between sponsoring and registering?

It has a different name.  Use the term "registration" if your boss doesn't
like "sponsoring" or "donation".  The benefits are the same.

How can I send money?

See |send-money|.  Check the web site for the most recent information:

Why don't you use the SourceForge donation system?

SourceForge takes 5% of the donations for themselves.  If you want to support
SourceForge you can send money to them directly.

I cannot afford to send money, may I still use Vim?


I did not register Vim, can I use all available features?


I noticed a bug, do I need to register before I can report it?

No, suggestions for improving Vim can always be given.  For improvements use
the developer |maillist|, for reporting bugs see |bugs|.

How are my votes counted?				*votes-counted*

You may vote when you send 10 euro or more.  You can enter up to ten votes.
You can select the same item several times to give it more points.  You can
also enter three counter votes, these count as negative points.

When you send 30 euro or more the points are doubled.  Above 100 euro they
count four times, above 300 euro they count six times, above 1000 euro ten

Can I change my votes?

You can change your votes any time you like, up to two years after you
sent money.  The points will be counted right away.

How about Charityware?

You have to decide yourself whether you want to sponsor Vim development, help
the poor children in Uganda (see |uganda|) or both.  Bram will certainly keep
on supporting the project in Uganda.  In the (unlikely) situation that Bram
gets more donations for Vim development than he needs, he will send the money
to Uganda.

I donated $$$, now please add feature XYZ!

There is no direct relation between your donation and the work Bram does.
Otherwise you would be paying for work and Bram has to pay income tax over the
donation.  If you want to hire Bram for specific work, contact him directly,
don't use the donation system.

Are the donations tax deductable?

No.  Setting up a system for this is complex and imposes too many restrictions.
The donations to help the children in |Uganda| are tax deductable in Holland,
Germany, Canada and probably also in the USA.

Can you send me a bill?

Sending a bill would mean Bram does something in return for your contribution.
That is work and would mean Bram has to pay income tax over the amount.  It is
possible, but the net amount will be lower.

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