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*os_mac.txt*    For Vim version 6.3.  Last change: 2004 Apr 27

		  VIM REFERENCE MANUAL    by Bram Moolenaar et al.

					*mac* *Mac* *macintosh* *Macintosh*

This file documents the particularities of the Macintosh version of Vim.

NOTE: This file is a bit outdated.  You might find more useful info here:

1. Filename Convention		|mac-filename|
2. .vimrc an .vim files		|mac-vimfile|
3. FAQ				|mac-faq|
4. Known Lack			|mac-lack|
5. Mac Bug Report		|mac-bug|
6. Compiling Vim		|mac-compile|

There was a Mac port for version 3.0 of Vim.  Here are the first few lines
from the old file:

VIM Release Notes
Initial Macintosh release, VIM version 3.0
19 October 1994

Eric Fischer
<[email protected]>, <[email protected]>, <[email protected]> 
5759 N. Guilford Ave
Indianapolis IN 46220 USA


1. Filename Convention					*mac-filename*

You can use either the unix or mac path separator or a mix of both. In order
to determine if the specified filename is relative to the current folder or
absolute (i.e. relative to the "Desktop"), the following algorithm is used:

	If the path start by a "/", the path is absolute
	If the path start by a ":", the path is relative
	If the path doesn't start by neither a "/" nor ":",
	  and a ":" is found before a "/" then the path is absolute

		:e /HD/text
		:e HD:text
 	Edit the file "text" of the disk "HD"
		:e :src:main.c
		:e src/main.c
 	Edit the file "main.c" in the folder "src" in the current folder
		:e os_mac.c
 	Edit the file "os_mac.c" in the current folder.

You can use the |$VIM| and |$VIMRUNTIME|  variable.

		:so $VIMRUNTIME:syntax:syntax.vim


2. .vimrc and .vim files				*mac-vimfile*

On the Mac files starting with a dot "." are discouraged, thus the rc files
are named "vimrc" or "_vimrc" and "gvimrc" or "_gvimrc". These files can be in
any format (mac, dos or unix).  Vim can handle any file format when the
|'nocompatible'| option is set, otherwise it will only handle mac format


3. Mac FAQ						*mac-faq*

Q: I can't enter non-ASCII character in Apple Terminal.
A: Under Window Settings, Emulation, make sure that "Escape non-ASCII
   characters" is not checked.


4. Mac Lack						*mac-lack*

-The filenames containing both ":" and "/" are sometimes misinterpreted.
  (just re-execute the command)
-Scrollbar are not scrolling live, and  when only the arrow or scroll area,
   a limit of 32 line or page is scrolled.
-Syntax highlighting works on 68k Macs but is _really_ slow.


5. Mac Bug Report					*mac-bug*

When reporting any Mac specific bug or feature change, please use the vim-mac
maillist |vim-mac|.  However, you need to be subscribed.  An alternative is to
send a message to the current MacVim maintainers:

	[email protected] 


6. Compiling Vim					*mac-compile*

See the file "src/INSTALLmac.txt" that comes with the source files.

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