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17.5 Multiple Plots on One Page

The following functions all require a version of gnuplot that supports the multiplot feature.

— Function File: mplot (x, y)
— Function File: mplot (x, y, fmt)
— Function File: mplot (x1, y1, x2, y2)

This is a modified version of the plot function that works with the multiplot version of gnuplot to plot multiple plots per page. This plot version automatically advances to the next subplot position after each set of arguments are processed.

See the description of the plot function for the various options.

— Function File: multiplot (xn, yn)

Sets and resets multiplot mode.

If the arguments are non-zero, multiplot will set up multiplot mode with xn, yn subplots along the x and y axes. If both arguments are zero, multiplot closes multiplot mode.

— Function File: oneplot ()

If in multiplot mode, switches to single plot mode.

— Function File: plot_border (...)

Multiple arguments allowed to specify the sides on which the border is shown. Allowed arguments include:

No borders displayed.
All borders displayed
North Border
South Border
East Border
West Border

The arguments may be abbreviated to single characters. Without any arguments, plot_border turns borders off.

— Function File: subplot (rows, cols, index)
— Function File: subplot (rcn)

Sets gnuplot in multiplot mode and plots in location given by index (there are cols by rows subwindows).

The global variable __multiplot_scale__ should be used when the command __gnuplot_set__ size xsize, ysize has been used prior to calling subplot.

The value of __multiplot_scale__ should be a vector with two elements, the first set equal to xsize and the second to ysize.


Number of rows in subplot grid.
Number of columns in subplot grid.
Index of subplot where to make the next plot.

If only one argument is supplied, then it must be a three digit value specifying the location in digits 1 (rows) and 2 (columns) and the plot index in digit 3.

The plot index runs row-wise. First all the columns in a row are filled and then the next row is filled.

For example, a plot with 4 by 2 grid will have plot indices running as follows:

          |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |
          |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |

— Function File: subwindow (xn, yn)

Sets the subwindow position in multiplot mode for the next plot. The multiplot mode has to be previously initialized using the multiplot function, otherwise this command just becomes an alias to multiplot