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19.2 Complex Arithmetic

The following functions are available for working with complex numbers. Each expects a single argument. Given a matrix they work on an element by element basis. In the descriptions of the following functions, z is the complex number x + iy, where i is defined as sqrt (-1).

— Mapping Function: abs (z)

Compute the magnitude of z, defined as |z| = sqrt (x^2 + y^2).

For example,

          abs (3 + 4i)
               => 5

— Mapping Function: arg (z)
— Mapping Function: angle (z)

Compute the argument of z, defined as theta = atan (y/x). in radians.

For example,

          arg (3 + 4i)
               => 0.92730

— Mapping Function: conj (z)

Return the complex conjugate of z, defined as conj (z) = x - iy.

— Mapping Function: imag (z)

Return the imaginary part of z as a real number.

— Mapping Function: real (z)

Return the real part of z.