Beamline Manuals

The staff at Sector 7 have written several informal manuals for procedures. We are open to suggestions, so if you find anything misleading or confusing about any of them, let us know!


Sealed Source Information
This gives the energies out put by our sealed sources.

Stepper Motor Convention
This manual describes how to wire up a connector to a stepper motor for use at Sector 7.

Cyberstar Detector Operation
This describes the Oxford Cyberstar scintillation detector, and what settings might be needed to get it working.

Bicron NaI Detector Operation
This describes how to get a Bicron NaI detector up and running.

Keithley 2010 Connector
This describes the connector used for the scanner board.


SPEC Command Reference
SPEC is a program used for controlling diffractometers (and is a command-line alternative to EPICS). This describes how to use the commands of SPEC.

Basic SPEC Commands
This describes the basic commands of SPEC.


Sector 7 Remote Control Cameras
This describes how to use the remote control cameras in the B and C hutches.