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Sector 7 MISCELLANEOUS Manuals

  1. Eric Dufresne's own UNIX favorite commands and useful hints
  2. Sector 7 EPICS experience with MicroMO motors and the OMS 8S (Servo) card.
  3. Reports on new IDT KB mirror system (local access only)
  4. Notes on the alignment of MHATT-CAT's CARS style KB mirrors.
  5. Manual for the BP-8000 motor driver and CARS style KB mirrors system.
  6. How to set up a bicron detector.
  7. How to set up the old MHATT-CAT IGLET Ge single element detector.
  8. How to set up the scan record to collect and save AIM-MCA spectrums.(local access only)
  9. Useful information on the Detector Pool Variant detector and its new dxp_mca1 EPICS interface
  10. How to set up the CoolSNAP at Sector 7. (local access only)
  11. Info on new Cooke Sensicam camera. (local access only)
    See also Dohn's manual section for its manuals
  12. Imaging the beam with a YAG crystal and video camera.
  13. How to determine the Anti-resonance (AR) on the IDC Next-Step drives?
  14. Some old repair notes on the Newport Kappa
  15. Time series EZCA programs for users
  16. EPICS issues such as saveData, starting epics, scanSee etc...(Updated Nov 2010)
  17. Burn paper Green Detex from the stock room.
  18. Manual for RC 20 Lauda temperature bath (actually not the original manual but a copy of the recent design)
  19. Manual for the new hybrid mode chopper bought by the ANL AMO group and Sector 7.(ANL access only)
  20. Manual for the new Silicon Imaging CMOS camera model SI1280(APS access only) .
    It could be exposed to the scattered beam.
  21. Useful Pilatus information, code and manuals.
  22. mdautils of Dohn Arms, compiled for WXP by Brian Toby.



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